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Have you ever stuck on the highway with your car break down & having no garage in nearby surroundings? Most probably 99% of the people have faced this situation. Right? Therefore the best option is to get rid out of this situation is to keep the best automotive essential tools in your car every time. Keeping tool kit in your car makes you easy to handle emergency situations. Today, Car Wrecker team will discuss the top 12 automotive essential tools to keep in your car.

“With the appropriate automotive tool kit, you can easily get rid of the situation of a dead battery, flat tires & many other highway issues”

Let’s discuss the Top 12 Essential Tools that every car owner must-have in the car

1. User manual–

User Manual is the first most important essential tool to keep in your car. During an emergency, you must have all the relevant information about your car. As everyone thinks, with the online technology one can find all manual of our model there. Absolutely right!! But what if you lose mobile network signal? Therefore, it’s better to keep the manual in the car’s dashboard.

2. First Aid Kit-

Planning to go for a long road trip? But what if you get some small injured on the highway? Then, the need for first aid kit we often feel. So, make sure to keep a first aid tool kit with bandages, scissors, gloves & antiseptic.

3. Duct tape –

Duct Tape is the second wonderful invention next to the hammer. Have you ever got a broken door handle or smashed window? Then, now don’t worry!! Duct Tape will temporarily fix your brokerage until you reach the garage.

4. Hand- sanitizer-

Don’t forget to keep hand-sanitizer in your car. It’s a kind of tool that helps you to protect from any kind of virus entering your body i.e. COVID-19. Whereas you don’t have any kind of sink & soap bar in your car. Right? Ultimately, stay healthy and safe while driving by keeping hand sanitizer in your car.

5. LED Flashlight-

What will you do if you stuck at night on highway & want some flash to search something & check your car? Therefore make sure to keep a wind-up LED flashlight in the car.

6. Small Fire Extinguisher-

What happens if a small fire occurs in your car during a road trip? Look- If you have a small fire extinguisher in your car then, you can easily save yourself. As per the National Fire Protection Association, approximately an average of 17 automobiles fires happens every hour. Make sure to keep it in the trunk of the vehicle.

7. Spare Tyre –

Always remember flat tyre will destroy your best out of the best trip. Moreover, make sure to pick a spare tyre in good condition while going on a long trip.

8. Sun Shelter–

Sun Shelter- an effective tool to overcome the breakdown of air conditioning in the car. When air conditioning stops working in the car then its become difficult to breathe in the car. Right? Keep Sun Shelter in your car and it will give shade cooling up to 3 people.

9. Toolkit–

Make sure to have a basic tool kit in your car. Your basic tool kit includes- hammer, screwdriver or a pair of pliers.

10. Empty Fuel Bottle-

With the empty fuel bottle, you can easily get out to fill out the can in the nearest petrol station in case of any emergency. Sometimes we stuck on the road just because of no petrol in the car.

11. Tyre jack–

Make sure to carry tyre jack with you in the car otherwise there is no benefit of carrying a spare tyre. Simply, there will no replacement of tyres without tyre jack.

12. Jump leads and a portable battery pack –

Do you want to get rid of stucking with a flat battery on the highway? Of course yes!! Then, always keep jump leads & portable battery pack with you in the car. Therefore you don’t need to depend upon another vehicle to start your car.

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